Hi, I’m Judy

and this is my story!


My name is Judyta (Judy) Kuc, I’m 20 years old, currently I am studying Diplomacy at the University of Gdansk. I love my country, I love travelling, I love Argentina and I love AFS! So here I am!

The story of my AFS life started a couple of years ago in my high school where I met two exchange students from Italy. Next year I met another one from Argentina. Later, in 2015 my twin sister took part in an exchange program – she went to Belgium for a year. My family had a pleasure to host an Italian girl. In August 2016 I became an AFS Poland volunteer, which was one of my best life decisions.

Year later I left my Poland. My destination – Argentina.

Why am I in Argentina?


To give the Argentina a foretaste of Poland!

What do the Argentinians know about Poland? Not a lot, you would say? After this year it is going to change! Who can share with others, gains twice says Polish proverb. Bringing Poland closer to Argentinian people is what makes me happy!

My aim is to promote Poland and Polish culture!

AFS program in Poland

To be an AFS volunteer in Argentina

AFS family doesn’t know the boarders. I am here to be an AFSer. I want to be a part of local volunteers’ group, not just a random tourist. My aim is to gain experience and knowledge from Argentinian people.

AFS Poland sent me as their representative and AFS Argentina supports my project!

Being a volunteer

To experience the adventure of a lifetime

Living on the other side of the world is the best way to learn about myself! Meeting new people, listening their music, tasting new food, learning new language… this is so enriching, isn’t it? I am becoming new me. 

 For a half year my home is in Argentina – so far from Poland, so close to my heart.

My diary

Life in Argentina

Check how's my adventure going on!

My plans about Argentina

In Argentina I promote Polish culture among the people I meet everyday, but what’s more important, within the AFS Argentina & Uruguay society, which gives me the opportunities to organise meetings, for exemple at schools.

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August 2017, the first month across the ocean

This month made me a real citizen of the world! I started my great adventure in Argentina! This year offers unique opportunities to gain intercultural experience… great opportunities!

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Do you like my story?

„AFS changed my point of view. More precisely, it’s all a question of viewpoint and thanks to this organization I realized that how we see the world depends only on us.”

– Judyta from Poland

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