The first month in Iceland brought a bunch of surprises in many terms, even though I was sure I know a lot about people and the culture.

One very different from Poland thing was people´s everyday plan. They never rushed, had time for rest during the time and also always were very calm about any possible problems.

What is more, the whole family was very curious about me and showed interest in how I feel. This is due to the fact that most Icelanders went on an exchange programme, which was the biggest surprise for me.

One thing that was unbelievable for me was the specific mix of international and Icelandic cousine I was presented with by my host family. It might be specific just to some household but Icelanders like to eat naturally and they don´t use many spices – except salt.

During the first month I had some problems when paying as every price in Iceland is counted in hundreds! This felt like I’m spending so much money everytime I’m going out. Also because the water is so clean, there is no bottled water in stores – only small ones as “tourist traps”.

The last thing worth mentioning is that the public transport in Iceland is a mix of terrible timetable and lack of space in the morning or afternoons (to extent that people can’t get on the bus) with nice, new buses.

Mikołaj Końko (program roczny na Islandii 2017/18)