October came very fast and this means that I have been over the ocean for more than two months now. From the beginning of my trip I have placed over 40 posts on my private blog! The biggest experience of September was my trip to the province of Misiones located on the border of Brasil and Argentina, near the Iguazu waterfalls. Iguazu is one of the 7 wonders of nature… and it will have you dumbfounded the moment you see it! Some of you may remember it from the famous film called „Mission” by Martin Scorsese.

Many interesting events and meetings happened this month and what’s interesting a lot of them were spontaneous and completely unplanned. I met so many fascinating people and of course all of them heard from me a bit about AFS. In addition, I had the pleasure to be in the Argentinian Senate in Buenos Aires on the occasion of the grand opening of the exhibition called „Poland, Poles and the Independent Argentina.” I also took part in the extraordinary „Fiesta de Inmigrantes” in Berisso and in the Polish Scouts meeting in Quilmes where I gave my short speach about AFS Programmes. The Polish Houses in Buenos Aires, Berisso and in Quilmes as well as the Presidents of the Polish organisations in those cities were very nicely surprised with the possibility to do AFS exchange to Poland. This is why my chances to find new exchange students are increasing!

What’s more, AFS ARG & URU announced a competition which aims at the promotion of Central and Eastern Europe, particularly  Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia and Hungary as exchange destinations for Argentinian and Uruguayan youth (this is a part of a bigger „Must CEE it” project). If a particular AFS chapter manages to send at least three people to one of these countries they will win a trip around Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland of course! What a great motivation, don’t you think? Together with the AFS La Plata Sending Group we plan to organise workshops and presentations in more than ten schools in La Plata, Berisso and Buenos Aires. On the Instagram and Facebook accounts of several Argentinian chapters (La Plata, Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Rosario) AFS started promoting these Europeen countries, which helps me very much in performing my mission!

I feel great here with my new AFS friends!

Keep your fingers crossed!