During this month, while my visits to the Polish Houses in Quilmes, Berazategui, Berisso and Santa Fe, I talked about AFS programs, about the possibility of going abroad and also about the possibility to host a „representative of another culture” in their house. Thanks to my four speeches I found one potential host family and several young people interested in going to Poland.

The most important event of October, was my presentation about Poland and AFS Programs in Buenos Aires. It took place in the private school „Colegio Vélez Sarsfield”. The audience was composed of about 60 Argentinian students and 4 teachers. By carrying it out, I told them a few words about somesome basic information about my country: its location, history etc. I also spoke about the Polish community in Argentina, the largest cities, famous Poles, Polish cuisine, traditions, Polish nature and landscape. At the end I did a little quiz about Poland with the prizes I brought with me. Finally, when I asked who would like to go on AFS exchange…

Everyone was screeming „Yo! pero solo a Polonia!” (Me! But only to Poland!)


I was the happiest person on the Earth. The questionnaire for potential participants was filled in by 33 people! More and more people fall in love with Poland, they have never heard before!

On Argentinian chapters’s Instagram and Facebook we can find a great promotion of  Eastern and Central European countries, specifically Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia and Hungary. On the profiles of AFS Mar del Plata, AFS La Plata, AFS Resistencia, AFS Posadas, or AFS Buenos Aires you can also find the post I have written to encourage young people to choose Poland.

Let’s keep going it and Poland will become the most popular country in Central and Eastern Europe!

Keep fingers crossed!