December is the time of recapitulations and farewells. I cannot believe that I left Poland so long ago! Over four months ago! I experienced here so much – I met thousands of new people, I faced numerous cultural differences and of course I tried tons of delicious Argentinian food (but I’m not yet Another Fat Student) … unforgettable moments!

Argentina was one of my best life decisions! Everything that was difficult for me at first, seems trivial today.

What is more, in less than four months I got to a high level of Spanish – B1 confirmed by a certificate. In addition I visited not only a huge part of Argentina but also a bit of the incredible Uruguay and breathtaking Brazil, and soon I am going to Patagonia in Chile!

My spring-time November began with a trip to the north of Argentina. I will remember the world of multicolored mountains, cactuses and lamas for the rest of my life. Then came the time for one of the largest Argentinian cities, the home town of Lionel Messi – Rosario, where I experienced unforgettable moments with the local Polish Community and AFS volunteers at the big Day of Immigrants. I talked about AFS there and I even found two people willing to go for an exchange!

Later, I met the amazing Uruguayan AFS volunteers and carried out a wonderful presentation in Paysandu for a large audience. The form of a potential exchange participant to Poland was completed by 32 people! This presentation was already my eighth one about Poland and the AFS programs. What’s more, at the end of November I started a two-week training programme at the AFS Argentina & Uruguay office. Cooperation with the Argentinian team, which is managed by one of the best AFS Directors – Juan Medici, was so great. A young, crazy and hard-working team! It was a pure pleasure to work with them. I worked in two departments of the office: Sending Recruitment and School Relations. Together with the Sending team we sent e-mails to 306 people interested in exchanges to Central and Eastern Europe. What’s more, apart from many e-mails, I contacted on the phone and via text nessages over 150 people, telling them about AFS exchanges and about Poland. 

AFS Poland already knows two people who will come to Poland for an annual exchange!
There will be more of them, I hope. We’ll see! Keep your fingers crossed.

Christmas time is coming and thus my great adventure with AFS Argentina and Uruguay ends. Hundreds of volunteers, five trainings about intercultural learning, three camps with students from all around the world, eight presentations in various cities of Argentina and Uruguay, two weeks of training at the AFS office and finally two people ready for an exchange in Poland, at least for the time being! What a success, am I right?

Los QUIERO MUCHO! Nos vemos en Polonia!

PS. I know that it is a little cold in Poland… so I‘m sending greetings from VERY sunny and VERY warm Argentina 🙂