At uruguayan school in Paysandu city, we were so warmly welcomed by the the Head Teacher that I will never forget this visit! After I put three flags of Poland, Uruguay and AFS, I was ready to carry out my presentation! The audience was quite big, about 50 sixteen years old students and several teachers! I did not feel much stress, and if so, it was just positive one!

It is such a pleasure for me to talk about AFS exchanges and my beautiful country! Especially because of the fact that at the beginning of the presentation young people don’t know absolutely nothing about Poland, and after one hour of my speech they begin to ask if there are still places for an exchange to Poland, because they want to go there immediately. You do not even know how glad I am that more and more Argentineans and Uruguayans know about Poland! I am sure that their knowledge after my presentation is not so small, what I can see while doing the quize about Poland at the end.

The meeting with the Uruguayan youth was wonderful!

Muchas gracias AFS Uruguay y nos vemos en Polonia!