Icelandic families are very different and often don’t share many common characteristics. However, most of them are very active and tend to be always “on the go”. This is why I‘m going to concentrate on what I experienced with my family.

First unusual thing that was surprising for me was waking up and going to sleep times. My family is waking up rather late, sometimes at 8 o‘clock and going to sleep after midnight. Whereas my Polish family wakes up at 6 and is asleep around 11PM. Usually everyone takes their breakfast on their own, similarly lunch. Dinners are eaten together around 6-7PM. During the day family is devided and everyone is „minds their own business“. The reason for this is because everyone‘s daily routine differes and would be hard to combine.

Many families go to the gym to work out, although usually alone – in their time. Parents sometimes work until late but also have really short days. Similarly kids which spend some time of their day in school and after they go to work, practise different sports or attend clubs (of interests other than sport). Typical day of an Icelandic family is really long, as I mentioned before.

However, there are also days when families share their time and do various things. If the weather is good they often go out to restaurants  to have dinner or just walk the dog together. Among various activities my family often travells to the summer house. There either they meet the extended family or just spend some time together watching movies, walking, hiking or working outside the houses.

However there are families whose routine may be completely different from this described here. Many various variables affect this, one of them being place of living. In general the families are very active and ,except for their work and school obligations, very close together.

Mikołaj Końko (program roczny na Islandii 2017/18)