Icelandic culture is filled with interesting customs which range from food to parts of daily routine. People here tend to concentrate on keeping themselves happy and not caring about what others think. Also being very open contributes to Icelandic state of mind which allows for things such as…

…naked showering in public!
It is not even a custom but obligation. Every time you are entering a public swimming pool or natural, geothermal hot springs it’s a requirement to take a shower. And because it is easier to provide “open showers”, only dividing them between genders, people are showering together!

This leads to more water customs, which is having hot tubs at home and not only. People are spending their free time very often in the warm baths. It is a custom cultivated the whole year, sometimes nevertheless what the weather is like. It’s a place to meet friends and spend time with them but also just to go on their own and get some rest.

Last water fact is drinking it straight from taps. Bottled water is not really popular in Iceland J

A Christmas tradition is eating “skata” – fermented skate.  Some (because not all of them) Icelanders love eating this dreadfully smelling meal on the 23rd of December. For me, as a foreigner, it was really hard to eat and I managed to swallow just few pieces before giving up.

Icelanders also love putting sauces of any kind on everything, whether it is: meat, veggies, pasta or French fries; One of their favorite sauces is “cocktail” sauce, which they are using especially with French fries.

There is much more to explore in the book of Icelandic traditions, the best way to do it being visiting Iceland!

Mikołaj Końko (program roczny na Islandii 2017/18)