Last week in Buenos Aires, or more precisely in Paso del Rey (about an hour and a half by train from Buenos Aires) I made my sixth presentation about AFS but also the first one about Poland. I mean for the last three months I have taken every opportunity to speak about my country and its culture but before the Paso del Rey even the volunteers did not manage to find the right school for my presentation.

The presentation was amazing! It was in the private school „Colegio Vélez Sarsfield”. The audience consisted of about 60 Argentinian students and 4 teachers. Even the Head Teacher herself was present! I put the AFS flag on the board, prepared my multimedia presentation about Poland and AFS and then I began to talk. I started with AFS: its history and its mission today. Then I asked the standard question „does anyone know anything about Poland?” There was deep silence at first but then a young boy shouted „Lewandowski”. I gave a small souvenir from Poland to this brave boy and I presented some basic information about my country: its location, history etc. I also spoke about the Polish community in Argentina, the largest cities, famous Poles, Polish cuisine, traditions, Polish nature and landscape. At the end I did a little quiz about Poland with the prizes I brought with me.

Finally, I asked who would like to go on AFS exchange…

Everyone was screaming „Yo! pero solo a Polonia!” (Me! But only to Poland!).
I was the happiest person on the Earth. The questionnaire for potential participants was filled in by 33 people!