Poland meets Iceland is a very unique project between two AFS Partners:  AFS Poland and AFS Iceland. Is dedicated to strengthen relationships between our countries, fight against prejudices  and promote Poland as a destination for AFS student from Iceland.

We selected two brave ambassadors of our countries and we sent them on a very important mission. Mikołaj’s task is to present the Polish culture among Icelanders, promote our country, show how we are in everyday life. Julius spends his year in Poland, in a Polish family and goes to a Polish school.

Below you can read their stories. I assure you that you will not find anything more interesting  on the Internet today!

This project is entirely funded by AFS Iceland. Thank you and deeply believe that this is the first, but perhaps the most important step, on the road to building a strong partnership between our countries, not only within the AFS program, but far far beyond …

Why Poland?

Check out the message from Julis, who is currently in Poland on school year exchange!

Hi Icelanders!

In Iceland, the biggest minority is constituted by Poles. What do you know about our culture, origin and country? The easiest way to understand all of this is spending your exchange year in Poland! Polish families are close together and they’ll do the best to make you feel like at home. Your new Polish friends will keep you company and show around the city. Polish teens tend to spend their time in different cafes: small, vintage, modern and very unusual. They often go out for the weekends or take short trips to multiple lakes, mountain ranges or different cities. Sometimes they also just watch Netflix for the whole day…

Mikołaj Końko (Year Program to Iceland 2017/2018)

Few reasons to choose Poland for your exchange program with AFS

Thanks to AFS Iceland six polish volunteers could participate in Volunteer Summer Summit in Iceland. 

Volunteer Summer Summit in Iceland 2017

We would like to sincerely thank you for giving us the opportunity to take part in VSS in Iceland. It wasn’t only a great adventure full of amazing moments, but also a chance to get to know Iceland, its incredible landscapes, inhabitants and culture. We are happy, that we could be part of the biggest and most important for AFS volunteers event of the year. Thanks to that we were able to get to know a lot of amazing people- AFS volunteers- from all-over the world, with whom we could share experiences and knowledge  about AFS and how it works in their countries. All the workshops gave us something to think about.

Full letter to AFS Iceland