Poland meets Iceland

Family life in Iceland

Icelandic families are very different and often don’t share many common characteristics. However, most of them are very active and tend to be always “on the go”. This is why…

Judy in Argentina

Time for Uruguay!

At uruguayan school in Paysandu city, we were so warmly welcomed by the the Head Teacher that I will never forget this visit! After I put three flags of Poland,…

Judy in Argentina

It’s already October!

During this month, while my visits to the Polish Houses in Quilmes, Berazategui, Berisso and Santa Fe, I talked about AFS programs, about the possibility of going abroad and also…

Judy in Argentina

My plans in Argentina

In Argentina I promote Polish culture among the people I meet everyday, but what’s more important, within the AFS Argentina & Uruguay society, which gives me the opportunities to organise…